Memory Box Progam


The Memory Box Program is a volunteer effort to provide hand-painted boxes for grieving families of newborns that pass away in the hospital.  During the course of the year, Memory Boxes are delivered to the NICU departments of local hospitals.  The Memory Box is given to the parents so they leave the hospital with some acknowledgement of their child’s life.  The boxes are meant to hold mementos of the child such as photographs, hand and footprints, lock of hair, birth certificate, articles of clothing, etc.

The purpose of the program is to affirm the life of their child for the family who has suffered the loss of a newborn.  Our decorative artists paint each box with great love and a sincere wish to reach out in support and understanding.  We hope that this box brings some small comfort to the grieving family and the knowledge that many people understand that their child was special and very, very loved.

Village of Decorative Painters – Copyright 2024

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